Alfredo Correa

Contact information:

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
7000 East Avenue, L-413
Livermore, CA 94550
phone: 925-422-0102
fax: 925-423-5733

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  • Ph.D. in 2008 from UC Berkeley, Physics Department
  • Licenciado (Physics B.A.) from Instituto Balseiro, Univ. de Cuyo, Argentina


I am interested in fundamental problems of Condensed Matter Physics and High Energy Density Physics. Currently I am looking at development of Equations of State from first principles, explicit (non-adiabatic) electron dynamics, and modeling plasma pump-probe experiments.

Recent and select publications:

  • Plane-wave Pseudopotential Implementation of Explicit Integrators for Time-dependent Kohn-Sham Equations in Large-scale Simulations, André Schleife, Erik Draeger, Yosuke Kanai, Alfredo A. Correa, The Journal of Chemical Physics, 137, 22A546 (2012)
  • Nonadiabatic Forces in Ion-Solid Interactions: The Initial Stages of Radiation Damage, Alfredo A. Correa, Jorge Kohanoff, Emilio Artacho, Daniel Sánchez-Portal, and Alfredo Caro, Physical Review Letters, 108, 213201 (2012)
  • Ballisitic Electron Transport in Non-Equilibrium Warm Dense Gold, Tadashi Ogitsu, Yuan Ping, Alfredo A. Correa, Byoung-ick Cho, Phil Heimann, Eric Schwegler, J. Cao, and Gilbert W. Collins, High Energy Density Physics, 8(3), 303-306 (2012)
  • First-Principles Multi-phase Equation of State of Carbon, Alfredo A. Correa, Lorin X. Benedict, Stanimir Bonev, David A. Young, and Eric Schwegler, Physical Review B, 78, 024101 (2008)
  • Carbon under extreme conditions: Phase Boundaries and electronic properties from first-principles theory, Alfredo A. Correa, Stanimir A. Bonev, and Giulia Galli. PNAS, 103(5), 1204-1208 (2006)
  • Quantum Corral Wave function Engineering, Alfredo A. Correa, Fernando A. Reboredo, Carlos A. Balseiro, Physical Review B, 71, 035418 (2005).
  • Spectroscopic and Magnetic Mirages of Impurities in Nanoscopic Systems, Karen Hallberg, Alfredo A. Correa, Carlos A. Balseiro, Physical Review Letters, 88, 066802 (2002).