Plastic Scintillator Development

For many decades, plastics had been known as scintillators not capable of PSD. In 2012, we developed a technology for the first PSD plastic preparation that was licensed by Eljen Technology for commercial production under the trade name EJ-299. More recent development led to further improvement of the physical and discrimination properties, resulting in a new commercial product, EJ-276, that now can replace liquid scintillators in many neutron detection applications. The first 6Li and 10B plastic scintillators with PSD were also developed in our lab within projects funded by NA-22 and DTRA. The most recent developments involve works on prevention of plastic degradation under environmental conditions (sponsored by DHS/DNDO) and preparation of plastic scintillators with ultra-fast decays of ~1ns (NA-22).

PSD plastics with improved physical stability and scintillation performance produced by Eljen Technology as EJ-276 product using LLNL-licensed technology.

6Li- and 10B-loaded plastics with PSD developed at LLNL for combined detection of fast and thermal neutrons.